Digital Banking

Current Outlook & Trends in Brazil

White Paper • 2019

Co-authored by

What is this paper about?

Digital banking is one of the hottest trends in fintech, blending aspects of current and commercial accounts, lending, and payments; generating disruptive, well-backed startups; and accelerating innovation at leading financial institutions. Nowhere is the market evolving faster than in Brazil, with digital banks including Nubank, Banco Inter, and Neon.

This report combines infographics and commentary to analyze market size, trends, opportunities and competitor reactions, globally then highlighting Brazil.

Key Points:

  • Prominent digital banks by country, number of customers and funding
  • Venture investment in the sector
  • Drivers of sector growth in Latin America
  • Brazilian current and forecasted market dynamics
  • Customer profiling and client base by bank
  • Exclusive interview with José Arcar, ex-President of Banco Pan

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