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SMB Banking: The Next Wave of Innovation


What is this paper about?

The small-to-medium-sized business banking segment is receiving increased attention from banks and fintech providers. The latest innovations not only revamp lending, cash management, and payments, but also accounting, mobile apps, and advisory services. This is shifting the competitive landscape, as providers pursue varied strategies for hi-tech and hi-touch interactions with SMB customers, as well as building, buying or partnering to offer new services. This paper uses interviews with industry executives and analysis of scores of banks and fintechs to explain and forecast trends in SMB banking.

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Key findings address:

  • How the largest banks, regional banks and community banks differ in their approaches to blending hi-tech and hi-touch customer interactions
  • Who are emerging SMB-focused fintech companies and partnerships to watch
  • What banking functions and features are most sought after by SMBs
  • How mobile apps are being designed specifically with SMB customers in mind
  • Why big data and artificial intelligence are key to integrated financial dashboard and advisory applications

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