How virtual roadshows can accelerate investor outreach and drive ROI


White Paper • 2020

What is this paper about?

In our not-so-distant pre-pandemic past, when it came to presenting complexofferings like debt financing deals to investors, there was no substitute for a live roadshow. A comprehensive in-person presentation – onsite – seemed most effective for conveying the fully nuanced specifications of an offering topotential buyers, to make them comfortable with the risk and confident in the earning potential. But at the COVID-19 crossroads, live roadshows came to a grinding halt.

Enter the virtual roadshow. Forced by the global health crisis to embrace digital-only workflows, bankers and issuers have migrated their roadshow presentations off-road and online. Virtual roadshows are being conducted viapurpose-built cloud-based platforms with high levels of security and targetedfunctionally, mapped to the design of a live roadshow presentation. The central question is, can a virtual roadshow get the same job done?

Our new eBook, How virtual roadshows can accelerate investor outreach and drive ROI, takes a detailed look at this virtual vehicle and provides practical advice for getting on board. We offer criteria for planning avirtual roadshow, selecting the right platform, designing the presentation for optimal impact and determining if you’ll meet investor expectations. Plus we explore the unexpected advantages of a digital solution, like gaining new process efficiencies and leveraging real-time analytics to find your best buyers faster.

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Key Points:

  • Key considerations for creating for virtual roadshows
  • Optimizing investor outreach through advanced CRM
  • Gauging potential investor interest and engagement
  • Ensuring an efficient transaction after the roadshow

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