Lending 3.0: A guide to building a better world for lenders and borrowers

White Paper • 2020

What is this paper about?

In these economically fraught times, lenders need more tools than ever to manage risk and create loan products that better suit small-to-medium enterprise (SME) borrowers’ needs. Thankfully, digital technology is now starting to deliver those tools through the next generation of financial technology. Lending 3.0 intelligently bridges the gap between lending and payments to help realise previously inconceivable lending propositions.

In this white paper, we look at how real-time data throughout the entire loan process is driving the rapid evolution of lending propositions; the new tools and approaches that deliver additional revenue streams and higher levels of personalisation; and we delve into the minds of 10 industry experts, who give their perspectives on the unique challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for modern lenders.

Lending is evolving fast. Within the span of two decades, business borrowers have gone from enduring a lengthy and onerous loan application process to benefitting from real-time funds delivered onto virtual cards — all informed by effective real-time risk-based decisions and enabled by smarter solutions like dynamic APRs. This exciting new era of lending — Lending 3.0 — is just getting underway and it’s already transforming the finance experience for lenders and borrowers alike. In this paper, we examine the trends, tools, and disciplines needed to succeed with Lending 3.0, and explore a range of critical themes with 10 influential players from across the modern lending ecosystem.

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Key Points:

  • How a modern digital card programme is able to deliver more personalised solutions to borrowers
  • How real-time transaction data enhances risk modelling and improves risk-based decision making
  • The biggest challenges facing lenders in the next 12 months
  • How landscape-shaping themes are emerging in Lending 3.0, through the eyes of 10 sector leaders
  • The seven essential attributes of Lending 3.0 that ensure a transformed lending proposition

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