Nearshore Finance Know-How

Nearshore advantages for finance companies.

White Paper • 2020

What is this paper about?

It's a reality that Finance Companies might face uncertainty while outsourcing. Nearshore allows the reduction of this risk for its proximity and cultural alignment. Still, it is the decision-makers' responsibility to find the right partner for their business, focusing on minimizing the risk and maximizing the benefits.

This solution has become key to gain a competitive advantage for companies in the financial sector since Nearshore reduces cost and increases workforce capacity, improving the service capacity and allowing businesses to invest in the core value proposition.

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Key Points:

  • Nearshore Advantages: We will go over the advantages of Nearshore, Cost saving, Large Bilingual Recruitment Pool, Cultural Alignment, and Proximity, in detail.
  • Finance Processes: Discover which processes Finance companies are outsourcing to these countries like; Loan Servicing, Debt Collection Contact Center Services and Software Development.
  • What to look for in a Nearshore Provider: Ending with the crucial decision-making factors, should you look for a Nearshore Outsourcing provider to reduce risk and succeed with this business strategy.

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