Achieving a True Digital Mortgage Life Cycle – From Origination to Payments

Wednesday, October 13th • On-Demand

What is this webinar about?

As mortgage lenders and Fintechs assess the gains and losses of the past 18 months, foremost on their minds is where to go from here? The new reality is that mortgage lenders, fintechs and tech providers need to work together to reshape mortgage lending into a modern digital ecosystem. From origination to payments.

This will help accelerate digital transformation and innovation, as well as increase efficacy of KYC usability, compliance, and trend initiatives.

Achieving this transformation requires strategic application of modern technologies, custom integrations and open APIs. These agile APIs can “knit together” the moving parts to be interoperable and reusable in different contexts, including combining it with assets from various loan servicers, regulatory agencies and third parties.

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In this webinar, we'll discuss:

  • Role of end-to-end digital loan platforms for fully integrated front and back-office operations
  • Reduce loan processing times and automate the workflows related to loan origination
  • How and why post-loan servicing should be digitized - such as payments and refinancing opportunities for lenders
  • Technical approaches for lenders and ISVs to integrate proprietary systems