Fraudonomics. Why it Makes Sense to Look Beyond Synthetic Fraud

Thursday, September 16 • On-Demand

What is this webinar about?

We’ve all heard a lot lately about synthetic identities, but have you ever stopped to think if they are really the worst threat out there? You probably know what third-party fraud is, but have you ever wondered why it’s so difficult to detect it? What clear steps can you take to stop it?

In this webinar, industry leaders Fang Yu, CTO of DataVisor, Mark Luber, USIS Chief Product Officer at Equifax, and Mike Valdepenas, Head of Fraud, Revolut will discuss how identity trust plays a key role in penetrating the seemingly impermeable shroud of online fraud and how machine learning can be used to go one step further and detect fraudulent transactions where stolen identities are being used.

You will learn why stolen identities escape systems without advanced machine learning models and the best practices to guard your business against loan stacking and other fraud attacks that use identity theft.

Bonus topic - Machine learning redefines the tradeoff between fraud protection and user experience.

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In this webinar, we'll discuss:

  • How are identities stolen?
  • Why are transactions that use them so difficult to detect?
  • Why are existing strategies to combat fraud ineffective against stolen identities?
  • How can technology make the difference in stopping compromised identities before they cause damage?
  • Actionable strategies to implement in your organization today. Protect your business.