Getting Ahead of the Digital Banking Curve

A special report from LendIt and Amount on the risks and opportunities of embracing a digital strategy – and what leading financial institutions must do next.

Report • 2022

What is this report about?

LendIt and Amount recently collaborated on a market survey to understand the limitations that keep banks, fintechs, and other financial institutions from adopting digital products, improving customer relationships, and activating new revenue sources.

Within the report, important observations on partnership, misguided risk concern, and consumer credit product activity surfaced. Surrounding each of these, we reveal paths for outperformance – from outlining the keys of profitable partnership to exploring ways to leverage existing capabilities to launch digital products.

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Highlights about what we learned:

  • The majority of FIs partner with fintechs; although many organizations still resist or see partnership as an all-or-nothing engagement – often to their detriment.
  • One-third of respondents ranked Fraud Prevention as a top digital product concern, while experts warn FIs about excessive hesitancy here.

  • For enterprises with over $50 billion AUM, almost half revealed plans to launch BNPL within 18 months – reinforcing findings on rapid FI shifts into this space.

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