How Lenders Build Data-Driven Verification Processes

White Paper • 2022

What is this paper about?

Lenders today are building increasingly complex financial data stacks. They’ve streamlined the way they access their customers’ financial information with IBV and data sharing.

However, lenders of all sizes still struggle to turn the data they collect into meaningful, actionable information. Their current data stacks simply don’t allow them to verify their customers’ income, monitor transactions in real time, or detect important life events at scale.

Discover how Financeit, Mitsubishi HC Capital Canada, and Spring Financial used Flinks to upgrade their data stacks and improve their verification processes.

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Key Points:

  • Making it easy for borrowers to share financial data is just a start. Lenders now also use specialized third-parties to process that raw data into model-ready insights.
  • Upgrading their data stacks enables lenders to take into account additional, verified information such as income streams and cash flow trends. Their decisions are both faster and more accurate.

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