Leveraging Forward-Looking Income & Employment Data To Drive Growth

Thursday, November 4 • On-Demand

Join the Webinar for a Deep Dive into Income & Employment Data:

Traditional credit risk models possess contextual blind spots that impact future unemployment risk and the ability to repay a loan. By leveraging alternative employment and income data sources that aren’t currently captured in an applicant’s credit profile, lenders can profitably grow their portfolios by selectively expanding their top of funnel, increase their approval rate without adding credit risk and increase their funding rates and conversions with better targeted income and employment verification strategies.

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Experts will discuss:

  • What types of alternative income and employment data are emerging based on gaps that exist today?
  • What are the advantages of leveraging alternative income and employment data?
  • Where can alternative employment and income data products be applied to in lending?
  • What factors inhibit lenders from adopting new data sources (i.e., higher costs; greater friction for users, additional complexity) and how should data providers address these inhibitors?
  •  Will these types of solutions be useful to lenders in more normal and more stable times?