The Long-Term Benefits of the Crypto Winter

Thursday, July 7th • 14:00 BST

What is this webinar about?

Market turmoil, continued uncertainty, and shaky investor confidence have all hit the crypto markets in recent weeks. Critics are billing this as another crypto winter, with that comes opportunity.

Tune in to hear what Web3 mavens are saying about the "build season" of the crypto winter.

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Key Points:

  • Where is the bear attacking? What protocols, networks and projects will thrive in the bear?
  • How are the human capital markets being affected by the bear? Who is sticking around to build Web3?
  • What can we learn from the last crypto winter (2018-2020), and how long will this one last?
  • Where should builders turn their attention now? What's going to be the big game-changer in 2022?