Why Fintech is Changing LatAm’s Inclusion Dynamic

Wednesday, October 27 • On-Demand

This Webinar Will Cover the Many Factors and Issues at Play Including:

This year’s State of LatAm Fintech Report introduces the concept of the banking sector’s so-called ‘New Tangibles’ – the assets and qualities that create value, brand differentiation and trust.

The traditional banking ‘playbook’ of physical assets, branch networks, imposing facades, and reputation, established relationships and shared interests, may count for little in a world where a mobile phone is the principle ‘real estate’, and word-of-mouth – often via social media – becomes the most powerful form of validation.

13 million people transacted online for the first time last year, and that is in large part due to fintech, and - in particular - mobile.

In Partnership with LatAm PR Intersect:
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You’ll Discover:

  • The impact of Covid-19 and subsequent restrictions
  • The issue of trust and reputation and how to convey this to 'first time' banking customers (beyond a traditional branch network)
  • The wider (b2b and b2c) eco-system; how it can drive and benefit from banking inclusion in the region
  • Social and demographic trends and how these are influencing banking inclusion