How to Accelerate Mortgage Relief and Refinance Volume for Borrowers

Webinar Reboot
Thursday, August 13 • 2:00 PM ET

What is this webinar about?

Lenders today are under a massive amount of stress as many borrowers feel increased fluctuation in their financial health. Lenders are immediately discerning who might need a loan to bridge a gap, or who is most at risk of becoming delinquent on a loan. Equality and historically low interest rates have caused a massive demand for refinancing and new mortgages.

In this webinar, hear from industry leaders at Salesforce and Truist on how they are managing demand volumes, relief requests and production operations in our new normal. Learn how lenders are leveraging technology to solve for the challenges of today through:

  • streamlining the application process
  • connecting all borrower information
  • analyzing risk areas
  • putting borrowers on an education journey
  • enabling self-service for volume deflection
  • providing servicing for complicated forgiveness and restructuring cases

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Join us to learn how to:

  • Michael Van Gestel, a leading expert in ID document security and fraud, Michael heads Onfido’s Global Document and Fraud Strategy team.
  • Susana Lopes, an expert in biometric identity verification and the director of Onfido’s biometrics product team.
  • Robert Humphrey, CMO of Onfido, Robert has a wealth of experience in the digital identity space, having previously worked at Forgerock and SecureAuth.