The How To Put AI In Your 2021 FI Business Plan


Report • 2021

What is this report about?

The How To Put AI In Your 2021 Business Plan Playbook, a PYMNTS and Brighterion collaboration, provides a blueprint of how financial institutions (FIs) can incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) into their consumer credit strategies.

This playbook examines six key ways in which FIs can apply AI to help manage their credit portfolios, how AI can improve their operational efficiency and the steps they can take to ensure they are maximizing the return on investment from AI innovations.

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Key Points:

  • 80 percent: Share of banking interactions done online in 2020
  • 55 percent: Average reduction in false positives observed by banks that have adopted AI to fight fraud
  • 12: How many months in advance AI systems can detect potential delinquency

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