Banking: How to Alleviate Financial Stress for Businesses & Families

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The economic downturn has caused financial hardship to businesses and individuals everywhere triggering impacts to cashflow and credit delinquencies. As a result, banks will have to immediately shift focus to remediation strategies in order to help customers who are in financial distress and act as a bridge towards financial recovery.

Join us for a conversation with TCF Bank to learn how to leverage insights and analytics to proactively educate customers, determine restructuring strategies and provide the support they need to reintegrate

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  • Michael Van Gestel, a leading expert in ID document security and fraud, Michael heads Onfido’s Global Document and Fraud Strategy team.
  • Susana Lopes, an expert in biometric identity verification and the director of Onfido’s biometrics product team.
  • Robert Humphrey, CMO of Onfido, Robert has a wealth of experience in the digital identity space, having previously worked at Forgerock and SecureAuth.