Landing a Successful Bank-FinTech Partnership in the US


Insights Report • 2021

What is this report about?

The United Kingdom is home to one of the world’s leading financial services centers, and FinTech is one of its fastest growing sectors. In 2020, UK FinTech attracted $4.1 billion in venture capital and ranked second globally, behind only the United States. The US represents the UK’s largest net financial services export market.For this reason, the UK’s Department for International Trade (DIT) and the U.S. Department of Commerce contribute commercial engagement insights to the US-UK Financial Innovation Partnership (FIP).

In this insights report, leaders from LendIt Fintech and DIT present findings from a series of intimate, intensive workshops between regional bank senior executives and FinTech leaders.We chose this intersection for its unique opportunity and growth potential. Moreover, DIT specialists across North America can help banks of all sizes seize UK FinTech opportunities with expert insights, key connections, and bespoke support.

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Key Points:

  • UK FinTechs are well positioned to assist North American banks
  • US Banks seek partnership with UK FinTechs
  • Banks are innovating across businesses and functions
  • Navigating the US banking landscape
  • Banks require FinTechs to be “buttoned down”

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