How to Streamline Digital Onboarding and Fight Online Fraud

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What is this webinar about?

We expect our online experiences to be simple, intuitive, mobile-optimized and fast, and we’re increasingly frustrated by any experience that does not deliver a speedy and streamlined experience. And thanks to large scale data breaches and the threat of cybercriminals, trust is in increasingly short supply. In response, businesses across all verticals must employ stronger methods of authentication to verify new online users. This means organizations are often forced to add steps (translation: more friction) to the sign-up process.

So, how do businesses find that sweet spot where they’re able to let the legitimate customers in while keeping the fraudulent ones out?

Join us for a live panel discussion around the current state of identity verification as more financial organizations and businesses move to digital.

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Join us to learn how to:

  • How online abandonment impacts your conversion rates
  • 5 tips for streamlining onboarding
  • Understanding the pitfalls of traditional KYC and Identity Verification