Seeing the Invisible Primes--Everybody Wins

Monday, June 28 • On-Demand

What is this webinar about?

It turns out that Automated Lending is less risky in the subprime sector. But you have to do it in a way that avoids hard "lessons learned" by others.

When you eliminate the failings of human loans officers (or dramatically augment their capabilities), then deserving people get the money that they deserve. Lenders will also boost their ROA on a risk-adjusted basis, and lenders will reach their goals for post-COVID growth.

Join Trust Science and the CEOs of two of its customers who will teach the 5 deadly pitfalls to avoid when you're harnessing technology to buy deeper & faster.

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What you will learn during this webinar:

  • One-trick ponies always, always disappoint. This *is not* one-and-done. This *is* rapid-adopt-and-relentlessly-adapt/iterate, based on a PLATFORM of NUMEROUS capabilities.
  • If anyone involved in the project can't spell d-a-t-a then run--don't just walk--away from them.
  • A.I. does not stand for Always Invent. It's 2021: Think "Proven." Think "Product."/managed service.
  • Who ever got anywhere without actual buy-in from the borrower....without good Customer Experience?
  • And there's a bonus in 2021: Lenders who cure systemic exclusion will enjoy outsized loyalty & growth