Lending 3.0 - The power of real-time data to transform the lending industry

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What is this webinar about?

In these economically fraught times, lenders need more tools than ever to manage risk and create loan products that better suit small-to-medium enterprise (SME) borrowers’ needs. Thankfully, digital technology is now starting to deliver those tools through the next generation of financial technology. Lending 3.0 intelligently bridges the gap between lending and payments to help realise previously inconceivable lending propositions.

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Join us to learn how:

  • Lending 3.0 is all about real time data, personalisation and automation.
  • Data science is being applied to every stage of the lending process which will enable smarter risk decisions and new types of credit models.
  • We are moving into a world where we can anticipate borrower needs and provide them with simple and fast solutions.
  • Lending 3.0 bridges the gap between payments and lending as embedded finance becomes the norm.