The Path to a Fairer Credit Economy


White Paper • 2021

What is this paper about?

Though 2020 was a grueling year, there were one or two bright spots the financial services industry can reflect on as it faces the recovery ahead. One is the opportunity we all had to learn from the pandemic’s massive shift to digital. The second is in the progress made in using new technologies to solve problems of financial fairness and inclusion that have plagued our society for generations.

The call for equity is coming from all corners. A recent Harris Poll revealed that half of Americans think the lending system is unfair to people of color and that 7 out of 10 Americans would switch financial institutions to one that had more inclusive practices. Talent and capital are seeking out companies that are trying to do the right thing. But are we doing enough, and doing it together?

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Key Points:

  • What fintechs are doing to drive more diversity across their value chain
  • Technologies on the market that can directly reduce bias in finance
  • What's on the fairness and inclusion agendas of policymakers and regulators

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