How to rapidly deliver hyper-personalized loans at scale

On Demand • 2pm EST

What is this webinar about?

The speed in which you reach new customers, deliver personalized offers and can scale will determine if you are a leader or be left behind. Traditional institutions have been stuck in the slow lane, trying to compete with new agile competitors that are siphoning off customers with compelling digital offers. Regardless if you’re an existing bank or credit union looking to accelerate your digital capabilities, a neo bank looking to stand up a completely cloud-based bank or a Fintech looking to serve the financial needs of a market niche, the technology enablers remain the same.

Learn how the combination of AWS, the leading public cloud provider, Mambu, the leading cloud core banking platform, and Salesforce, the leading customer experience platform is changing the lending landscape for both existing institutions and new entrants.

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Join us to learn how:

  • Lending 3.0 is all about real time data, personalisation and automation.
  • Data science is being applied to every stage of the lending process which will enable smarter risk decisions and new types of credit models.
  • We are moving into a world where we can anticipate borrower needs and provide them with simple and fast solutions.
  • Lending 3.0 bridges the gap between payments and lending as embedded finance becomes the norm.