Busting the ROI of Fintech Fraud

Navigating a complex threat landscape for banking and lending fintechs

Report • 2021

What is this report about?

The digital banking and fintech revolution has introduced new opportunities and financial products, both for consumers and fraudsters. In the face of a complex cybercrime ecosystem, fraud departments are fighting to curb fraudsters’ growing budgets and complex attacks. Stopping fraud and abuse while maintaining a seamless experience for customers is a difficult balancing act that must be maintained.

In this eBook, Busting the ROI of Fintech Fraud, you’ll learn how Arkose Labs helps top financial institutions deter fraud and increase account security.

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Key Points:

  • Why financial firms such as neobanks and online lenders are prime targets for cybercrime
  • How technology can enable fintechs to fight back against fraudsters by reducing their ROI from cyberattacks
  • How using intelligent friction can fight fraud while maintaining a smooth user experience
  • ...and much more.

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