Building Resilient and Scalable Compliance Operations

Thursday, January 28 • On-Demand

What is this webinar about?

The financial institutes are recognizing the importance of improving Know-your-customer (KYC) and compliance processes as they focus on reducing their operational cost towards the labor-intensive, unnecessary repeated and manual work involved in this area. This, combined with effect of the pressure from the regulators to enhance their KYC refresh efforts, there is a need for a stronger, resilient and scalable compliance network.

The time to onboard a new customer is also referred to as the time to revenue. The lesser the onboarding time with correctly assessed customer risk, the more enhanced the customer experience. But, how can financial institutes achieve faster onboarding for higher risk profiles? How can they leverage smart and proven technologies coupled with existing data sources more efficiently? How can they change the role of the analysts from just being the ‘maker’ into the ‘checker’ and ‘controller’ of KYC data to reduce fraudulent transactions?

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Join us to learn how to:

  • Risk officers – What keeps them awake?
  • Rethinking the existing KYC processes to reduce onboarding times, KYC refresh cost and improve customer experience
  • Reshaping the customer data to have a 360-degree view of a customer
  • Reimagining your compliance network to future-proof them with an agile, resilient and scalable Digital ecosystem