The Inner Workings of Leading FinTech Companies: Complete Customer Journey with SMS


White Paper • 2021

What is this report about?

SMS is one of the most versatile communication channels in the FinTech industry. It’s used for marketing, customer service, debt collection, and transactional communications. However, there are very few resources available where FinTech companies themselves share thoughts about using SMS in their business processes, particularly in terms of what works and what doesn’t.

Messente, a leader among global messaging solutions, commissioned an in-house team of experts to conduct thorough research into exactly how SMS is being used in the FinTech industry. This involved interviewing Messente’s existing FinTech customers, analysing SMS performance statistics and unpicking 20 years’ worth of internal knowledge and experience; the results of which are detailed in this comprehensive report.

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Key Points:

  • Use SMS for marketing
  • Build high-performing customer journeys with SMS
  • Approach debt collection and transactional communication using SMS
  • And more...

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