Trust is a Must for Fintechs

How a misunderstood corporate value makes all the difference

White Paper • 2021

What is this paper about?

A Financial Times report highlights fintech trust gaps so significant that they may compromise the sector’s ability to ride the digital wave. Alarmingly, studies suggest that “fintechs are predicated on the notion that they are a force for good–but the tide of opinion is turning against technology companies.”

Fintech stakeholders must grapple with a response: How can the industry reassure wary consumers, vigilant regulators, and discerning enterprise customers? Further, fintechs that operate in legacy financial institutions’ shadows must navigate these concerns while fending off well-established incumbents.

The way past both issues is by generating trust.

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Key Points:

  • Build Trust Through Exceptional Customer Experiences
  • Build Trust Through Consistent Product/Service Execution
  • Build Trust Through Collaborative Investor Relationships
  • Build Trust Through Meaningful Regulator Engagement
  • Building Trust Through A Strong Internal Culture

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